An embedded system for the next generation of IoT products

NEQTO Edge platform for any scale

NEQTO engine と console 画像

Cut Out the Development Required to Get Your Hardware Online

Reduce cloud development time and human resource costs from the edge


Firmware, network, and cloud functions are all available under one service. Choose the plan that best fits your use.

Everything Starts from the Console, Manage Devices at Any Scale

Device management and sending commands can all be done through the fully managed online interface, called the NEQTO Console.

A Brand-New Service, NEQTO‘s Firmware Management

Skip the development required to manage and update your company’s hardware remotely, and simplify maintenance. Using NEQTO‘s firmware management system (Machine Driver), improve the software management of your hardware.

NEQTO タイムライン

A Method to Free Yourself from Trials and Evaluation

The devices compatible with NEQTO are comprised of high-quality components currently being used all around the world. In both new and existing hardware environments, we can provide IoT hardware designs for preparing mass production.


Software Packages for Functions Needed for IoT

Hardware electronic circuits, firmware, and network connection functions are all available as one software package.

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