• How IoT will be a crucial element to Covid-19 Vaccine Shipments


    During the COVID-19 pandemic, our healthcare industry faced tremendous challenges. The hard work of the front line workers, healthcare staff, and national administrations saved countless lives globally and earned the respect and gratitude of millions...


  • Smart Lights with neqto:

    Smart lights with neqto:


    In office buildings, lighting can make up 20-45% of total energy consumption [1]. As companies try to find ways to cut costs, it has become essential to find ways to upgrade lighting to a smarter solution...

  • Jetson Schematic

    MACHINE DRIVER: Getting Started


    This blog uses a simplified example that utilizes the Machine Driver feature on NEQTO, focusing on its technical aspects to help you get started. With the Machine Driver feature on neqto:, users can deploy firmware...

  • Machine Driver Animation

    Forming a Symbiotic IoT Relationship with neqto:


    Most industrial equipment, electronic devices, and consumer electronics are equipped with controllers. These controllers continuously monitor and make decisions based upon...

  • JACE 8000

    Integrating neqto: with Niagara


    The Niagara Framework is a complete management and control solution, and it's the market-leading platform to create smart buildings. From security to elevators to HVAC to lighting, Niagara enables comprehensive...

  • neqto: Strengthens Processor Engine Development for Worldwide IoT


    The autonomous IoT engine neqto: Engine is embedded software for the Sony’s ...

  • Improving the Edge Processing Capabilities of neqto: Bridge


    With the increasing number of IoT solutions being used in numerous industries, a massive amount of data is being collected...

  • Distance Measurement Sensors


    When it comes to measuring elements in the real world, one of the most common cases is distance....