Internet of Things World is North America’s largest IoT event, bringing the top technologies, strategies, and case studies for the key industries implementing IoT. It was a very good opportunity for JIG-SAW to put neqto against the other major IoT platforms of the world.

Our booth.
neqto: Hardware and some novelties.
Cool cars!

Many key players in IoT, some of which neqto already relies on, like AWS, Ublox etc. were present at the event. A number of companies present dealt with specific parts of Internet of Things like networking, security, electronic design, hardware integration, production, gateways, sensors, processors, edge processing and so on.

The major attraction for neqto, like in previous events, proved to be, a service that provides a complete solution from sensors, gateway, cloud support, API and a web interface with a good support for sensors. Along with plug and play capabilities on a small gateway for ease of deployment.


1. Refrigerator Demo

In the food industry, it is important that the stored stock is kept under the exact temperature and humidity conditions to maintain the quality and secure the shelf-life of the food. In case the door of the fridge is left open, it might compromise the same.

So, it is very important to monitor the temperature, humidity and the state of the door to mitigate any problems. For this, neqto can be used as demonstrated by installing a bridge inside a mini fridge with a simple switch to monitor the door status. This project in particular also relied on the power of AWS IoT events to save state, send slack alerts and judge values.

2. Dustbin Demo

In many public places, trashcans sometimes overflow due to no system in-place to alert the person responsible for emptying it. To automate this alert before it becomes visible as trash falls out of the can, we installed a bridge inside with an ultrasonic sensor, to get the height of the trash but there is a problem that when the trash is thrown, the lid blocks the line of sight of the sensor that might give out a false reading, so an accelerometer was added to the lid flap that tells when the trash is thrown so as to cut the signal.

This demo showcases the low power and passive state ability of the bridge. When the trashcan is idle, the bridge shuts off until the lid is moved (which happens when trash is thrown into it) on which the accelerometer sends a message that wakes up the bridge to read the height and send a message. neqto Engine then compares this value to the maximum allowed height to send a slack alert.

A trahsbin that periodically transmit its total capacity for smart servicing.

3. Truck Demo

In logistics and transportation industry, it becomes important to know if, when and where the goods get damaged. Also monitoring the trucks at all times for proper environment is important to mitigate any faults and prevent a heavy monetary loss.

Accelerometer and temperature/humidity sensors send data to the cloud on regular intervals and neqto Engine sends an alert to slack in case of a shock that might have damaged the sensors or an anomaly in the internal conditions.

IoT + Logistics = Less Worries with neqto:

4. Lights Demo

This demo demonstrates the use of the neqto module without the I/O board, and its capability to control devices using its output pin with a MOS relay that is controlled using PWM.

For ease of use, an app was made that provided a simple interface to set the brightness of these lights on an iPad.

IoT controlled lighting has many merits!

About 800 people comprised of partners and potential partners, and some customers visited the booth. Overall the event was a great success to network with people and might prove monumental as the company expands to North America and has already opened a new office in San Jose.