neqto: Engine

Embedded Subscription Service for CPU Systems, for Adding Value to Digitalization with Speed and Power Efficiency

Accelerating the Digital Revolution of the Manufacturing World

When creating IoT products, developing software and embedded software can be a major hurdle not only in terms of development costs but also in terms of development time. The use of IoT in business requires a variety of applications, including security and the ability to remotely control a large number of devices. With neqto: Engine, you can digitally transform any hardware by streamlining these functions to reduce development costs and time.


Cloud Access

neqto: Engine devices can be remotely managed immediately from the neqto: Cloud. What's more, devices are easily connected to industry-leading cloud platforms, unleashing endless possibilities from real-time monitoring to machine learning analytics.



Designed with security in mind, neqto: responds to unauthorized access and external attacks named in the OWASP IoT Top 10. Features such as end-to-end encryption and encrypted environment variables make it simple to know that your data is secure.



Firmware can be downloaded and rewritten remotely. neqto: Engine can also update the firmware of connected devices, and features such as FOTA can be used to keep all connected devices up to date and secure.



neqto: Engine allows you to develop embedded devices in JavaScript (JS). There is also an API for physical access interfaces in neqto: Engine's JS, so you can use the code you've developed on other devices that neqto: Engine supports. neqto:'s JS library allows you to focus on your business logic rather than writing complex code for sensors or hardware control.

Pre-Made IoT Models for Quick Development

neqto: Engine can offer Engine licenses that are already on a CPU to meet the needs of hardware manufacturers, service providers, platformers, and data scientists. You can reduce costs with minimal hardware architecture and take advantage of hardware circuits, network communications, and cloud management mechanisms. Get started quickly and build your own solution.

CPU chip

Many of the key applications that make up the Internet of Things have a common need for development items such as hardware circuits, network communications, and cloud environments. When developing an application with such functionality, it can be developed quickly if you start with a pre-developed IoT model and take the approach of customizing it for a specific use.

neqto: provides a variety of common APIs optimized for ARM Cortex as well as pre-developed IoT models. With just a few settings and environment decisions, you can quickly and easily build your company's own IoT products.

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neqto: Engine Can Connect to All Platforms

neqto: Engine enables data connectivity and data transfer for global cloud platforms. We also provide libraries for quick and easy connection to your favorite cloud environment, so you can build your own data platform.

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