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neqto:‘s system provides power efficiency and performance for the fast and low-power processing our autonomous IoT engine does on CPUs. Our service includes small System-on-Module (SoM) packages made up of CPUs, communication module, and flash storage. With these packages, customers can drastically reduce the time and cost required to develop circuit and structural designs. Choose the SoM that best fits your company’s hardware and applications, and create a custom system that fulfills your needs.

Edge Computing Designed to be Expandable and Maintainable

neqto: provides solutions for specific needs and budgets, from the massive enterprise level all the way down to small businesses and researchers. All neqto: systems share the same architecture and engine, so installing the same software on any of our compatible devices makes large-scale deployment seamless.

neqto: Bridge Series

neqto: Engine architecture on
STM32L4 equipped with
ARM CortexM4

SONY Spresense Series

neqto: Engine architecture on
CXD5602 equipped with
ARM CortexM4

neqto: Engine provides an API and integration with all neqto: products

Choose the best neqto: device for your service

neqto: Portfolio

From manufacturing and shipping to communications industries, IoT modules equipped with neqto: Engine add value to services and businesses that require a high level of performance in various operations. Small, neqto: Engine embedded IoT modules bring performance and power optimization to top levels all while performing and utilizing advanced edge computing, device management, and machine learning rule engines to optimize embedded systems.

neqto: Bridge LTE

neqto: Bridge

The neqto: Bridge module is capable of device management and using rule engines, as well as simultaneous processing of data taken from machines and sensors. Everything it does to meet a task’s needs is done fast and energy-efficiently, making it a small but powerful IoT edge computer.

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SONY Spresense

neqto: Engine can be installed onto SONY Spresense, a microcontroller equipped with features such as a camera module. Spresense’s base is the performance driven by the ARM Cortex M4 6-core processor, which allows for high performance and stability.

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For the resources required to get started, visit the neqto: Developer site.