• AWS and JIG-SAW: Simplify Complex Events with JIG-SAW neqto: Bridge

JIG-SAW‘s IoT solution, neqto, has finally reached America’s shores.

Marking its arrival, JIG-SAW was recently announced as a launch partner for the new AWS service, IoT Events.

IoT Events allows for early detection of issues and allows for automated responses based on incoming data. neqto is an easy-to-use IoT service equipped with edge processing, remote updates via FOTA, and the ability to control and monitor anything through the cloud with neqto Console. Combined with IoT Events, neqto can provide even more tailor-made solutions for customers. For example, users can be quickly notified if data is not received as expected. As part of our booth at the IoT World 2019 event, we demonstrated neqto and IoT Events working together to monitor a refrigerator. Below is a video explaining the demo from the AWSonAir twitter account.

neqto is a widely-applicable IoT service, with a broad array of use cases. Industrial refrigerator management/monitoring, office light management, container-volume monitoring, and asset-tracking are just a few examples of cases where IoT Events can be integrated with neqto to provide an optimized solution. As an official partner, JIG-SAW is working together with AWS to make all things intelligent with neqto.