• Domestic and global release of the end-to-end, all-in-one IoT service neqto’s control API


JIG-SAW Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, hereinafter JIG-SAW) has released an API that can be used by developers all over the world to interact with their all-in one IoT service “neqto”, which is based on unique edge control technology. In addition to this, a developer documentation site has been released in tandem with the API. Currently, Japanese and English languages are supported.

“neqto” is a new, All-in-one IoT service “neqto” that provides all the necessary components for IoT systems, such as: sensors and hardware, embedded software, edge capabilities, communication control, storage mechanisms, cloud connection, and an API.

From “neqto Cloud” customers can manage their “neqto Bridge” * 1 an preform a variety of tasks: editing edge processing scripts, sending push notifications to neqto Bridge, displaying sensor data graphs, and setting monitoring thresholds and actions. The domestic and global facing APIs JIG-SAW will begin to provide from this month enable customers to control these functions directly and integrate neqto’s functionality into their own existing systems.

For example, using this API customers can send PUSH notifications from separate applications to the bridge in order to control a large number of devices connected to the bridge. Through the API, customers can also obtain and handle sensor values and perform their desired analysis using their preferred tools.

※ “neqto” can be linked and connected with all sensors in the world and IoT platforms. It is designed to be a scalable, end-to-end global IoT service. To date various practical POCs and real-world tests have been implemented and through close co-operation with customers, collected feedback has driven the development of additional features for the API. Through the API neqto will continuously grow to support a wider variety of industry scenes, allowing the adoption of the service to be smooth for end-users.

The API specifications, and the documentation site released at this time can be found here:
Japanese: https://docs.neqto.com/ja
English: https://docs.neqto.com/en