neqto: Inc. (San Francisco, California) is excited to announce that we have entered into a partnership agreement with EMnify (Berlin, Germany) to provide global cellular coverage for neqto: ’s Enterprise IoT solutions.

neqto: Inc. (“neqto:”, HQ: Santa Monica, USA), a full-subsidiary of JIG-SAW INC. (“JIG-SAW”, HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan) has concluded a partnership agreement with EMnify (“EMnify”, HQ, Charlottenstr., Berlin, Germany) to promote close cooperation between EMnify’s global SIM management platform for IoT with neqto: ’s IoT enterprise platform in the North American, Europe and global marketplace.

neqto: ’s solution consists of two main solutions, neqto: IoT-engine & neqto: Cloud console. With EMnify, we can provide our partners with a global reach in their respective IoT deployments.

“neqto: ’s alliance with EMnify is a testament to our commitment to business expansion into Europe as part of our global expansion. We are happy to announce this partnership while we continue to deliver best-in-class cloud and IoT service to our enterprise customers.” said Tomoyuki Oe, CEO of neqto: Inc.

“We enable enterprises all over the world to rapidly deploy their solutions anywhere and easily manage their connectivity. Our mutual partnership enables neqto: to enjoy a scalable IoT connectivity bridgehead into Europe. “ said Frank Stoecker, CEO of EMnify.

By complementing each other’s strengths in the business of enterprise IoT platforms, we hope to provide the best service and experience to our existing customers and would like to offer this service to the business world, assisting companies that aim to connect all of their IoT operations.

About EMnify

EMnify is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company revolutionizing the mobile Internet of Things (IoT). EMnify’s connectivity management service provides mobile network operators, enterprises, and developers globally with technology connecting ‘things’. EMnify was the first company to develop and operate a mobile core network infrastructure as a native cloud service. This enables connectivity in a secure, reliable and scalable way. As a result, EMnify is leading the way to a future without communication barriers. EMnify is available in more than 180 countries worldwide. More than 1,000 customers use EMnify’s technology to create innovative and connected business models and IoT applications.

EMnify was founded in 2014 by Frank Stoecker, Martin Giess and Alexander Schebler. Today, the company employs 85 people with more than 25 nationalities at its offices in Würzburg and Berlin. The company is financed with 20 million euro by a group of private technology investors.

Contact: media@emnify.com

EMnify (https://emnify.com )
Charlottenstr. 4, 10969
Berlin, Germany

About neqto:

neqto: the company and named solution provides key IoT infrastructure as a fully managed service so that businesses can immediately leap over adoption barriers and quickly begin using IoT.

neqto: reduces your high R&D cost by eliminating traditional methods of sensor development, deployment, and management. With neqto: , you can monitor, track, and manage all of your enterprise IoT needs over wired and wireless connectivity. We enable seamless off-the-shelf sensor onboarding, secure gateways, edge & cloud processing capabilities, bi-directional connectivity, an easy-to-use customizable cloud management service, device control, and FOTA updates that are compatible with your IoT needs and use cases.

All of this can be done with simple knowledge of JavaScript and cloud API integration.

In short, neqto: is an end-to-end scalable enterprise IoT SaaS solution that provides the connectivity between sensors and cloud systems via wired and wireless connections.

Contact: inquiry@us.jig-saw.com

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Established: January 2019