• JIG-SAW Launches IoT Bidirectional-Communication Software "NEQTO Engine for Linux"



JIG-SAW Launches IoT Bidirectional-Communication Software "NEQTO Engine for Linux"

JIG-SAW INC. (“JIG-SAW,” HQ: Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo Stock Exchange / Code: 3914) has announced the launch of its IoT bi-directional communication software "NEQTO Engine for Linux" ("NEQTO for Linux") on September 1, 2022 for the global and domestic markets.

Bi-directional communication control between Linux devices and the cloud with NEQTO

Until now, "NEQTO" by JIG-SAW was exclusively available as an MCU-embedded software for dedicated devices. "NEQTO for Linux" is a software series for general-purpose IoT applications that will now enable remote configuration and operation of devices utilizing the Linux operating system ("Linux"). By installing "NEQTO for Linux" on any of the countless Linux-based devices running in the world market, users can develop and manage their own IoT platforms efficiently and easily, without spending time on the development of device software updates and data communication to the cloud.

Our IoT Business Development

With NEQTO, JIG-SAW has been steadily providing demonstrations, evaluations, and technical support for the implementation and operation of IoT for various device partners and users. Since the launch of NEQTO in November of 2018, it has continued to upgrade and evolve the service as it gathers information on the actual needs and issues of its many users. "NEQTO for Linux" is made available through a freemium*¹ trial application, marking the first step in providing a more diverse range of business users with the opportunity to evaluate and use the service.

Future Outlook

JIG-SAW will continue to add new functionality and improve "NEQTO for Linux," and its lineup based on feedback from users and partner companies. In addition, JIG-SAW will support the creation of versatile and wide-ranging business opportunities, mainly by collaborating closely with the numerous device-providing partner companies and by helping develop products and provide solutions that incorporate "NEQTO for Linux."

About the Global IoT Market

In 2021, the global IoT market size was approximately $384.7 billion USD*². This market is expected to grow from approximately $478.36 billion USD in 2022 to approximately $2.465 trillion USD*² in 2029, representing a CAGR*³ of 26.4%. The global Linux market is also expected to grow from approximately $6.27 billion USD in 2022 to approximately $22.15 billion USD in 2029 at a CAGR of 19.8%. JIG-SAW's "NEQTO for Linux" is projected to attract a large number of users from these markets, both in the US and overseas.

*¹ A model where basic services and functions are available for free, and more advanced services and functions are available for a fee (in the future).

*² Fortune Business Insights: Market Research Report, published on Apr, 2022

*³ Compound Annual Growth Rate

“NEQTO for Linux” Service Overview

Starting September 2022, users can apply for a freemium trial plan (90 days) through the NEQTO console

Service URL: https://neqto.jig-saw.com/en/
Installation Method: Software installation on Linux device and configuration via NEQTO console
Supported Languages: Japanese, English


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