• JIG-SAW signs a Letter of Understanding with Sony Semiconductor Solutions as a step forward in a business partnership involving the IoT engine neqto:


JIG-SAW Inc. (President and CEO Masunaru Yamakawa, hereinafter referred to as JIG-SAW) announces it has signed a Letter of Understanding with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (Representative Director and President Terushi Shimizu, hereinafter Sony Semiconductor Solutions) to create a business partnership around the IoT engine neqto:. Following further discussion, we will work to conclude a legally binding agreement in the partnership.

JIG-SAW plans to offer the installation of neqto: on top of Sony Semiconductor Solutions’ SPRESENSE ™. The SPRESENSE is an IoT board equipped with a smart sensing processor as well as mobile communication modem chipsets manufactured by Altair Semiconductor (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Israel). We aim to provide a global IoT service that is usable with any existing or future devices and equipment.

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*neqto: is a software license for the use of ARM® Cortex®-M4 compatible embedded software developed by JIG-SAW. neqto: enables the remote control of devices and bi-directional communication between devices and any cloud, from anywhere.

SPRESENSE, an IoT board equipped with a smart sensing processor, incorporates a high-performance GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver innovated by Sony, as well as an audio codec that supports high-resolution audio sound sources. It is an original, multi-CPU board that can be used in various IoT systems such as drones, smart speakers, sensing cameras, and more.


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