• neqto: connects Salesforce at Dreamforce 2019!



IoT Engine for CRM

San Francisco, CA –JIG-SAW US featuring “neqto:” continues to expand its presence into North America. In addition to connecting to Salesforce at DREAMFORCE 2019, we will be exhibiting on November

19th – 22nd at the Moscone South building in downtown San Francisco.

neqto: is an enterprise level embedded IoT engine that integrates sensors, enables edge processing, and communicates to any cloud storage service allowing for faster, cost-effective adoption of IoT. When combined with Salesforce’s CRM, neqto: manages your IoT infrastructure so you can focus on your business.


Come see our demo at DREAMFORCE 2019 – Booth #642


At DREAMFORCE, we will demonstrate the full range of neqto’s capabilities, and how it easily works with Salesforce. neqto: can take sensors data, perform event processing and send alerts to Salesforce’s cloud system.

neqto offers a fully managed scalable enterprise solution, secure gateway, edge processing capability, bi-directional wireless and cellular connectivity, including easy-to-use cloud monitoring and remote control/updates for all your IoT needs. We have teamed with Salesforce to promote neqto: and the benefits it provides to your businesses and products.


WHY is neqto: IMPORTANT? neqto: enhances your business

neqto’s algorithm processes data received from your sensors and sends it to the cloud environment of your choice. We also provide robust data monitoring which can be used to trigger operational and business processes – and you can change your settings instantly. With neqto, input / output senso scripts, and firmware versions can be updated and controlled remotely from anywhere in the world*.

Use any Cloud vendor – neqto: is not tied to cloud vendors. Data can be freely sent to and used in the cloud environment of choice.

Compatible with Batteries – neqto: can be used in indoors and outdoors, including areas where a power supply is not available, while also optimizing your batteries by controlling usage levels.

**Use for Any Industry **– neqto: can be implemented in smart cities, asset tracking, machinery and transport industries, smart meter monitoring, agriculture, manufacturing, lighting controls and more.

**Contact us for an appointment to see a demo: ** inquiry@ml.jig-saw.com https://neqto.jig-saw.com/en Name: neqto: Inc (https://www.jig-saw.com/en/) USA Representative: Tomo Oe, CEO Parent Company: JIG-SAW INC. (https://www.jig-saw.com/) Listing: Tokyo Exchange Mothers Market (Code: 3914) Tokyo | Sapporo | San Francisco | Santa Monica | Vancouver | Toronto