• neqto: Firmware (Bridge Wi-Fi/LTE Module - v00.00.28) Release and neqto: Cloud Update

    Release Notes

neqto: Firmware (neqto: Bridge Wi-Fi/LTE Module) v00.00.28

Important Topics

  • Fixed a firmware bug that could cause an unintentional reboot when using the push notification function from neqto: Cloud.

New Features

  • Added ability to display Wi-Fi connection strength using the system LED. (See nqWiFi object)
  • Added ability to display LTE signal strength using the system LED. (See nqLte object)
  • Added asymmetric encryption method (RSA) to neqto.js’s secure object.


  • Fixed a bug in which the setAlarm method of the RTC neqto.js object ended in one shot.
  • The command for setting network SSID now accepts spaces. (Wi-Fi Version Only)
neqto: Cloud

New Features

  • The method of registering nodes has changed. (See device management)
  • Support functionality has been added in the console so that customers with a contract can easily contact the support team. (See Contact Support)
  • The preview version of the new console has been released. From April, this will become the official version.