• neqto: Firmware (Bridge Wi-Fi/LTE Module - v00.00.29) Release and neqto: Cloud Update

    Release Notes

neqto: Firmware (neqto: Bridge Wi-Fi/LTE Module) v00.00.29

New Features

  • Added signature operation/verification method to secure object.
  • The HTTP response status code was added to the return value of the reportResult method of the nqFOTA object.


  • Fixed a bug that may cause unnecessary logs to remain when clearing the print log saved in the non-volatile memory.
  • Fixed a bug where unnecessary data may remain when the MemBlock of the storage object is reset.
  • Improved error messages to output with more details when an error occurs in the script.


  • In the request method of the HTTP/HTTPS objects, changed to start session watch timer before session is established.
neqto: Cloud

Important Topics

  • The preview period of the new neqto: Console is now over and henceforth will become the defacto neqto: Console.
  • The old version of neqto: Console will no longer be supported but will remain at https://legacy-console.neqto.com for a limited period.
  • It is now possible to register a neqto: Service account from the login screen of the neqto: Console.

New Features

  • Added multi-factor authentication to enhance security.
  • It is now possible to specify the library version when selecting a library in script management.
  • You can now specify environment variables for template management.
  • Added the function to display the values of environment variables specified in nodes, templates, and scripts.
  • Attachments can now be added to support tickets.