• neqto: Firmware (Spresense Wi-Fi - v01.00.00) Release and neqto: Cloud Update

    Release Notes

neqto: Firmware (Spresense Wi-Fi - v01.00.00)
Important Topics
  • Initial release of the neqto: Engine firmware for Sony Spresense.

neqto: Cloud
New Features
  • A community forum for neqto: users has been released.
    • You can access it by selecting "Forum" in the neqto: Console support menu.
    • Before you can use the forum you must set a Forum Display Name in the user settings page of neqto: Console.
  • Added functionality to manage licenses.
  • The following libraries have been added:
    • Google Sheets
  • The names of the optional services have changed.
    • Data Storage -> Infinitypool
    • Data Monitoring -> Insights
    • Watchdog Timer -> Custodia
  • The component firmware feature is now called "Machine Driver".