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Enterprise Equipment Online,
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Simply manage IoT data from devices and equipment in real time
by installing neqto: and SPRESENSE™ onto your hardware.
From the neqto: cloud environment,
remotely control devices and sensors connected to SPRESENSE
and send data & commands both to and from the cloud.

IoT-Software as a Service

Management from device to cloud,
all in one software

Additional Information

Case StudyExamples of Device Data Usage

neqto: and SPRESENSE is a practical solution for any business scene.
Just by giving offline devices and hardware connectivity,
business issues and risks can be drastically reduced.

Quality Improvement via Real-Time Device Failure Detection

Complaints and issues rooted in malfunctioning equipment and products produced with deteriorating parts are common.
With neqto: and SPRESENSE, equipment malfunctions and insufficiencies can be detected anywhere. Risk at equipment & device sites can be decreased to the lowest possible levels.

Maintenance Optimization via Defective Part Identification

When errors or issues arise, work often has to come to a complete stop in order to locate and evaluate the problem. However, using neqto: and SPRESENSE it is not only possible to instantly identify the problem area, but maintenance workers can also review the proper repairing method and order replacement parts before heading out to the location.

Resource-Usage Decrease via Optimized Engineer Dispatch

By instantly measuring the degree of maintenance required, engineers with the relevant skills to fix the problem can be promptly dispatched. This eliminates the risk of sending engineers who may not have the right skill set for the job and additional time/cost-wasting dispatches.

Solution2 Solutions


Instantly start using IoT by installing a SPRESENSE board (with neqto: Engine pre-installed) onto your hardware’s circuit board. Using this method, IoT implementation for customers such as large-scale chain stores is simple.


Using various SONY products, an originally-designed IoT board and solution can be directly embedded into circuit boards, making SONY and neqto:’s solution an integral part of your hardware. This option allows for more in-depth support of our own in-house developed system.

Take the
first step.



Purchase neqto: compatible devices from Sony’s Developer World.


Create a neqto: Account and Connect Devices

Perform initial setup, create an account for neqto: Cloud, and register your devices


Begin using neqto: Cloud

Manage and receive data from your connected devices, change settings, and write your own programs to start using IoT.

Precautions for all customers using or interested in using the neqto: Engine:
  • ① The neqto: Engine available for Spresense is only usable with specific hardware. Before using, please be sure to check supported countries and hardware.
  • ② Once the neqto: Engine is installed on a Spresense device, you will only be able to use neqto:’s firmware on that device. Even if neqto: Engine is uninstalled from the device, you will not be able to use the various SDKs provided by Spresense.

Get started with neqto:

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