• neqto: Strengthens Processor Engine Development for Worldwide IoT

The autonomous IoT engine neqto: Engine is embedded software for the Sony’s CXD5602 smart sensing processor, providing customers with advanced technology for using network and cloud infrastructure features.

The neqto: Engine family of products supports the CXD5602 processor on Sony’s SPRESENSE™ and includes cloud services and an embedded edge platform. neqto: uses a JavaScript engine to instantly run software programs, making it easy to virtualize edge-device data.

Once the CPU operating environment is established, the embedded software can be used on hardware platforms without changing firmware. You can also change the settings from the dedicated cloud environment, neqto: Cloud.

This significantly simplifies the software development associated with new hardware development and drastically reduces development costs compared to previous development processes, completely changing the embedded design approach.

neqto:’s solution solves recurring problems faced by marketers and R&D engineers when considering specifications for products such as industrial devices, medical devices and smart energy managers.

Marketers can dramatically reduce the development simulation and programming design, product customization, and specification review and development phases that require consideration on a case-by-case basis, and quickly accelerate a product to the launch phase.

From the outset, R&D engineers can use low-cost microcontrollers instead of expensive PC-like systems to configure models for equipment monitoring, remote control, logging, simple machine learning, etc. to reduce development time and advance design and development in a cost-effective and practical manner.

Relevant Webpage: https://neqto.jig-saw.com/en/spresense Sony Developer World: https://developer.sony.com/develop/spresense/

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